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Minotaur 1-Stock

Last updated: 19 days ago

420.05% Gain
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*Performance calculated based on closed positions

The introductory Quantonomy algorithm.

This algorithm keeps track of several NASDAQ 100 stocks. Each day, it uses a proprietary metric to calculate each stock's performance over the past few days. Then it chooses the worst-performing stock to purchase.

The reasoning for this is as follows: given the selected stocks are relatively strong, if they perform poorly and are undersold, they should soon perform well again, matching or exceeding the group's mean return. This concept is called mean returning, and is one of the most scientifically proven concepts in finance.

Usage is straightforward: sell your currently-held stock, then buy the one stock indicated by the "to open" signal.

The signal comes in at ~10:30 EST.

For instructions for how to use these signals, please watch our instructional video.

Contact support with any additional questions.


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