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Minotaur Optimus 1

Last updated: 6 hours ago

913.25% Gain
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*Performance calculated based on closed positions

The algorith uses a proprietary metric of stock performance calculated over the recent past using a walkforward optimization procedure.

Then the stocks are sorted in terms of this metric. Low value of this metric means the stock is undervalued and therefore it will soon return to the mean and high value of the metric indicates a overvalued stock that is going to lose its current value soon.

This algorithm chooses 1 stock per day that is selected optimizing different time windows and 2 different sorting methods.

The 2 sorting methods emphasize, according to underlying market conditons, a mean return or a momentum stategy giving Optimus 1 algorithm a great degree of adaptability.

The signal is produced at ~9:40 AM EST.

For instructions for how to use these signals, please watch our instructional video.

Contact support with any additional questions.


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