Automatic Trading

Set and forget your algorithmic trading with our fully automated trader, available on our GitHub repository. It requires some setup on a Windows machine, which we cover in our video guide.

If you use a different operating system or prefer more flexibility, you can build a customized trader with our WebSockets API. To show how to use it, we've published some sample code along with a tutorial video.

If you'd prefer to use a cloud solution and don't mind paying a little, you can use the Arcade Trader platform with our signals. Be sure to use discount code ALPHAHUB20 to get 20% off the Advanced plan. To learn more about our partnership with Arcade Trader, check out our announcement blog post.


We have other guides available on YouTube as well:

Social Channels

Speaking of which, don't forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel for more tutorials and updates from the team.

We also have a Discord channel where we answer questions, respond to feedback, and chat about the algorithms' performance with our subscribers. You'll receive an invite to join once you subscribe to an algorithm.

We occasionally write longer posts on our trading practices and insights on our Medium page. One example: 400% returns in 1.5 years trading a NASDAQ 100 stock per day.

You can also connect with us on Facebook, and you can always email us with any questions or comments.